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19 Responses to Feedback

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  2. Chun-I Yin says:

    I noticed that when I use the next button on the firefox plug-in, I cycle through maybe 5-6 sites maximum. Are you working on increasing the index?

  3. Youlicit says:

    Currently, we have a 10 site limit but we are working on making these sites more serendipitous (i.e sites that you will most likely not have seen but are very relevant in your context), increasing the number of sites that you can browse to as well as making sure it doesn’t repeat the same sites you have already seen. We should have a blog entry when that is ready.

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  5. Chun-I Yin says:

    I just installed the new Firefox extension and it installed 2 “Y” icons and 2 “hand” icons and only 1 “fast-forward” button. Is that right?

  6. Nihaar says:

    Chun-I Yin,

    Thanks for pointing this out. It was apparently a bug that a few people were getting when they installed the new release. The bug has been fixed and you can get the new plugin from Youlicit.

    Apologize for the inconvenience,


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  8. Shelly says:

    Youlicit has a bright future.

  9. Jeff says:

    Is there any way for submitters to assign tasks? I’m looking… but if it’s there, I’m missing it. Thanks!

  10. nihaar says:


    Not sure I understand your question. What do you mean by assigning tasks?


  11. Gabriel says:

    Just a suggestion. It would be much better if the “Next!” function opened the recommended page in a new tab, instead of replacing the page that you are currently seeing. Or at least, this option should be available on a preferences setup.

  12. omarrpa says:


    Thank you for a great suggestion!

    We are continuously optimizing the Youlicit toolbar; and opening the “Next!” recommended page in a new tab is certainly a possibility.


  13. David Ragland says:

    I tried to register but the system won’t accept my email address. My email “IS” valid.

    Username: DavidRagland

  14. Lynn D Perry says:

    Just wanted to find out how to register…

  15. nihaar says:


    You can register at There is also a link on all pages at the top right hand corner (near the login information).


  16. Joseph Urban says:

    I installed a day or so ago the youlicit toolbar and discovered that it nullifies
    Zotero’s location bar functions. So I can’t use it.

    I wuldn’t describe this as a bug, of course; but, surely, it’s a critical, major design flaw. Because of this, I gave it a zero rating.

    Hope you’ll be able to find a work arround.

    Using, by the way, the latest releases of FF and Zotero, on XP, SP 2, etc… .

  17. nihaar says:


    We are looking into the matter and will get back to you as to why this is happening.

    Thanks for pointing out this issue.


  18. Thomas says:

    I told a friend about youlicit, he registered, and I know his username. How do I search for him/add him as as a fan?

  19. omarrpa says:

    Hi Thomas,

    We are working on a tool that will allow you to search users and add them as your friend. This feature should be out in the near future. Nevertheless, you may find someone via the URL like so:

    Be sure to replace “USER_NAME_HERE” with your friend’s User Name.


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