Post A New Bug

We are working round the clock to help make Youlicit better but we still need help. If you find a bug while using Youlicit, we sincerely apologize and would love to hear what the problem was. Please post any bugs that you found on here.


7 Responses to Post A New Bug

  1. Chun-I Yin says:

    I ran into some SQL errors at about 7 pm on 6/12. Seems like a timeout issue, but wanted to let you guys know. Also, can you explain the popularity score ?

  2. youlicit says:

    Thanks a lot for letting us know. We’re working on improving the scalability of our servers. They’re a bit slow at peak times. Thanks for your patience.

  3. youlicit says:

    The popularity score is a measure of how popular the site is. The results that you see however, are ranked not by popularity but by how relevant and popular the site is to your context.

  4. Chun-I Yin says:

    When I have a blank page and I click on the youlicit button, it takes a long time because I think its searching for a the query string: ‘about:blank’

    this is the link I go to:

    maybe if you see this, you should redirect to the home page? just a suggestion.

  5. Youlicit says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve run across that as well, and we’re working on finding a great use of that. The way we see it, when we click “More” from about:blank, or any other start page, we probably just started our browser and want to see something interesting, anything as long as it’s interesting. If the user is logged in, we’ll be directing them to their personalized recommendations. If not, we’ll take them to a page showing what’s popular on Youlicit now.

  6. C. Dupont says:

    Sorry!!!I tried to register….and it seems impossible!!!
    I completed all fields but when clicking “Register” nothing happens!!!!
    (I tried with and without activating my firewall!!!!)

  7. nihaar says:


    Thank you for pointing that out and our sincere apologies about that! The bug should be fixed and I hope you can register.


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