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is one click access to the most relevant sites and people on any topic, without any need to search. Our vision is to bring the information you want and need on the web to your fingertips as effortlessly as possible.

Whether you are researching a particular academic topic, reading about your favorite sports player, perusing the news or simply reading about an interesting concept Youlicit can fetch the most relevant and recommended sites for you. In addition, it will find the people who are most interested in that topic and allow you to view the sites they have saved. Our vision is to bring together relevant information and people and eventually serve as a platform that will allow our users to share and discover knowledge with ease and create a means to allow collaboration between users.

Youlicit.com was launched in May 2007 and is based out of New York.

The Team

Toufique Harun
Toufique Harun was formerly the VP of Systems & Technology at a petroleum trade facilitation startup he helped build from conception to a 15-employee company with a $12M valuation. He was responsible for architecting and patenting a secure distributed title registry to compete with Bolero.net (created by SWIFT, the international bank messaging platform). He played a major role in devising the company’s product strategy and selling the platform to oil majors, trade finance banks, commodity traders, oil tankers and chemical companies. He also sat on the UNeDocs electronic trade documentation standards committee. Prior to that, Mr. Harun was in the IT Strategy and SAP practices at Deloitte Consulting. Mr. Harun has a BSE and MSE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Nihaar Gupta
Nihaar Gupta comes to Youlicit from a position as a business and technology analyst at Accenture, where he worked for a year and a half. While at Accenture, Nihaar served a variety of clients in the health care and government sectors, primarily working on large scale ERP implementations. Nihaar received his Master’s in Electrical Engineering degree from Columbia University, where he focused on Communications and Signal Processing. He holds a Bachelor’s in Science from the University of Pennsylvania in Computer and Telecommunications Engineering with a minor in Economics.

Asif Rahman
Prior to joining Youlicit, Asif Rahman worked as an investment banking analyst in the Global Healthcare Group at UBS Investment Bank. While at UBS, Asif worked as an advisor to clients in the healthcare sectors on M&A and financing transactions. In addition to his role as a financial analyst, Asif acted as the group’s internal software developer, automating various financial models and creating small database applications. Prior to working at UBS, Asif worked as a software developer at Merrill Lynch, focusing on database development and web portals. Asif has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania, with majors in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Omar Radi
Omar Radi, who is both an artist and an engineer, brings to Youlicit a dynamic perspective that consists of skills and experience in both Human/Computer Interaction and Web Authoring. Omar has worked in Systems Administration at Marriott, in Web Management at Penn State, and in Network Administration at Liberty Resources, Inc. The wide skill-set required across these positions prepare Omar for the challenges in developing a product with both consumer-facing and B2B elements. Omar holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Information Science and Technology and a minor in Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University


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