Join “The Clique”!

January 9, 2008

The Youlicit team had created a Google discussion group to use as a channel of communication with our users several months ago. The group has been kept exclusive and open to only Youlicit’s most active/loyal users up until now. We are now opening it up to let anyone join and voice their opinions and concerns to us.

Check it out at The Youlicit Clique. From time to time the team posts discussions, questions, and give-aways to get your input and show our thanks as we continue to work to make Youlicit better. It is also a great way to meet fellow users and communicate with them. We look forward to seeing on there.


Things to look forward to in 2008…

January 3, 2008

Happy New Year everyone! As we start a fresh calendar year, here are some things to look forward to from the Youlicit Team. There are two main focuses in terms of product development that we are striving towards; one is to continue improving our results & recommendations and the other is to make a more engaging user experience by improving the social aspects of the site.

Better Results:

  • an increased coverage of the web as we expand our ability to get recommendations on a larger number of websites and topics
  • more relevant and serendipitous recommendations

More engaging user experience:

  • ability to tag & comment & discuss on and about sites
  • contacting/communicating with users via anonymous emailing (opt-in feature)
  • automatically tracking comments and discussions on sites you have posted or commented on or topics that interest you the most

And last but not least, we resolve to be more active on this blog! Heres to a healthy and successful year ahead.