Youlicit Updated!

As you can probably tell from the lack of activity on the blog, we have been busy the last few weeks trying to put in a few updates based on recommendations we received from you guys as well as things we thought would help improve your overall experience. Here are a few of the big ones:

Tag based recommendations: Now you can access Youlicit’s recommendations using tags (or tag combinations) as well as the traditional way via URL’s. The idea here was to allow for easy access to the recommendations if you had a general topic in mind but not necessarily a website URL.

Product recommendations: We have added a new feature that will display any relevant products (for now it is restricted to DVD’s and CD’s) on Amazon related to the website you are querying. For some examples check out the recommendations for these sites –

Import your Bookmarks from To help kickstart your experience on Youlicit and we have added an “Import From” utility that will save your bookmarks on Youlicit and allow you view personalized recommendations based on those bookmarked sites, see related websites and view your interest cloud based on those imported sites.

Updated Toolbar (Coming Soon): As you may have noticed we’ve updated our icons on the website and we are in the process of releasing a newer version of the toolbar with a much better look and additional features. Check back shortly to see when this is launched.


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