Youlicit’s Personalized Recommendations

As you may have noticed, we have just introduced a new section to your account – Personalized Recommendations.  As you continue to recommend sites using the Youlicit toolbar, our recommendation engine analyzes what you liked and builds a personalized interest profile for you and gives you a list of sites that you’d be highly interested.

The goal of this feature is to become the place where you go to get information you’re interested in, effectively your personal tour guide to the Web.  This entails reaching a level of relevance and serendipity with these recommendations that you can rely and depend on these recommendations and repeatedly check this list as your source of information.

We are still testing and perfecting our algorithms to improve the quality and serendipity of our recommendations, but preliminary results seem to be pretty good so far.  As a quick comparison, those of you who use Google Web History can compare the recommendations provided by Youlicit to those that Google provides based on your search and clickstream history.  Give it a shot and let us know what you think.

PS. Be sure to subscribe to your recommendations feed using iGoogle, PageFlakes, NetVibes or your favorite RSS reader.  The RSS URL is:<Enter your user name here>


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