Enter Youlicit

Welcome, everyone, to the Youlicit blog. We recently received some unexpected press from two separate sources–StartupSquad, and KillerStartups–so it’s time to give a blog to our name and tell you a bit about ourselves and the problem we’re trying to solve.

Information overload is a huge problem on the Internet today.  In the real world, when there’s too much information, you don’t take the time to search and sort through every piece of information.  You simply solicit recommendations from people who know.  This is the experience Youlicit is replicating online.

Our mission is to connect you to the information and people you’re looking for.  Youlicit gives you one-click access to the information and users most relevant to your immediate context.  Found a site you like and want to find more like it?  Just one click on our button is all it takes.  No more thinking of keywords to describe the concept.  No more guess-and-check searching.  No more digging through links looking for that proverbial needle in the haystack.  Just one click, and that’s it.

How do we do this?  The web is teeming with “user-generated relevance” data, which are simply clues about which sites people found relevant.  These include things like links, keyword searches, tags, ratings, browsing patterns, etc.  We aggregate all of this data, extract the wisdom of the crowds from it and give you the closest thing to a democratically generated version of the truth that you can find on any given topic.  For instance, when you click the “Youlicit More” button, you’re effectively saying, “Hey Youlicit, show me more like this site.”  Youlicit then determines the concept of that site, analyzes the user-generated relevance data and returns conceptually similar sites that people liked the most.

“Ahh, so you’re like StumbleUpon then?”  Well, yes and no.  When you stumble with StumbleUpon, you pre-select your topics and discover well-liked sites within it. We are certainly fans of this experience-and no doubt, it is so cool that it’s got over 2 million users and a fat cash out courtesy of eBay-but we aim to take that experience to a whole new level.  You don’t have to tell us what you’re looking for anymore.  We’ll figure it out for you.  Consider it your guided tour through the entire Web.

So what are you waiting for?  Try it out at http://www.youlicit.com/  


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